24-Hour Crisis Hotline : 1-866-644-2882


24-Hour Crisis Hotline : 1-866-644-2882

Corporate Responsibility


Connecting with Nonprofits & Your Community

Partnering with Center for Victims can benefit your business in many ways. It’s an excellent opportunity for owners, managers and senior executives to support a nonprofit organization as part of your marketing strategies. An investment in Center for Victims will have long term positive returns for your business image, your employee satisfaction, and for the individuals, families, and communities we both serve.

Center for Victims will work directly with you to create a unique partnership opportunity that will ensure that you are getting the most return on your investment. We have an excellent track record with the success of our events and value the relationships that we have with our sponsors. One of the added bonuses of Center for Victims’ sponsorships is that we can offer tailored conflict resolution and mediation workshops and trainings to your employees.

Partner Benefits:

  • It’s good business.


Consumers want to spend money at a company that has strong relationships with nonprofits that are contributing to the well-being of their community and making a difference. Partnering with Center for Victims will increase your public relations efforts and produce a general feeling of goodwill toward your company. Additionally, participating in the planning of and attending events will increase your opportunities to meet potential customers.


  • Drastically increase your name recognition and branding.

Advertising opportunities are always available, and will yield maximum exposure for your company through traditional marketing and PR outlets as well as our growing donor platform and digital media marketing efforts which reach over 5,000 individuals.

  • Improved quality of life.

One quarter of workplace violence events in the U.S. each year are related to partner violence. More than 1 in 5 full-time employed adults have been victims of partner violence and 64% of them indicated their work performance was significantly impacted as a result.

When you support Center for Victims, you recognize that violence is a public health issue. You are taking a stand against violence and working with our organization to reduce and prevent future incidences of violence. These action steps will improve the quality of life for everyone in Allegheny County (including members of your workforce and your consumers) and improve productivity and morale for your workforce.

  • Individual & group volunteer opportunities.

A culture of volunteerism is a high-profile effort that will reach your target market! We have a multitude of volunteer opportunities that can be tailored specifically for your organization.

As it was confirmed in the 2014 Millennial Impact Report, employees want to work for companies that provide more company-wide volunteer days, sabbaticals from paid work for volunteer work, and opportunities to perform charitable projects with a department or team. This is especially true for a younger workforce, with employees born after 1979.

  • Professional& educational trainings for senior executives, managers and employees.

Did you know? Managers spend 20% to 40% of their time addressing conflict in their workplace.

Sexual violence can cause interruptions in a person’s life. It is estimated that Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is likely in 50% to 95% of rape cases. In one study, 50% of rape victims lost or were forced to quit their jobs in the year following their rapes because of the severity of their reactions.

Did you know?  ONE in FIVE full-time employed adults havebeen victims of partner or domestic violence and 64% of them indicated their work performance was significantly impacted.

            What We Offer:

  • Conflict management and mediation
  • Domestic or partner violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Impacts of violence and trauma


  • Social Media Platform:

A very tech-savvy nonprofit, Center for Victims recognizes the value of social media as an essential part of our marketing, branding, and awareness-raising efforts. Our strong and professional presence continues to attract and engage followers to learn about our programs and services.

  • Center for Victims has a robust social media presence. We are active on Facebook (1,970 followers) and Twitter (680 followers), LinkedIn, and
  • Our unified digital marketing plan is designed with our Corporate Partners in mind. We work with you to develop strategies that allow us to build a         digital relationship – bringing many mutual benefits to both parties.
  • We constantly increase our digital footprint through strong and relevant organic content through our website and blog posts, and paid promotions      through our digital advertising and social media channels.
  • Every company is burdened with the need to create more content to feed multiple social media channels. Center for Victims can help co-create branded content using different media streams, easing your burden while          enhancing your company’s reputation.


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