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In 2006, Ben sustained a gunshot wound while assisting a City of Pittsburgh Police Officer. While Ben’s heroic efforts awarded him the Carnegie Hero Medal, his traumatic experience has provided him with a deeper understanding of the importance of Center for Victims’ direct services and programs.

Ben is an advocate for the implementation of preventive efforts that will help reduce the prevalence of violence such as experiential learning, trainings and workshops.

In 2012, Ben produced CV’s short documentary, Life After, a victim-centered depiction of “life after violence” that shows how services such as legal advocacy and therapy can help you navigate through very difficult waters to rebuild your life. In 2014 he joined the MEN (Men Ending violeNce) Challenge and Pledge working to end violence against women and girls. Today, Ben is CV’s newest board member rolling up his sleeves as we prepare to relocate to Pittsburgh’s South Side at 3433 East Carson Street.

Center for Victims provides services to over 15,000 victims of crime in Allegheny County each year, and a continued increase in those needing help has been met by an expansion in our staffing, our outreach…and soon, our office space. An additional 35,000 individuals are reached through education, training and outreach activities across Allegheny County. In December, we will move into our new offices, where we will continue to host the most comprehensive grouping of services and programs that have been helping this region for over 42 years.

In addition to those services, CV aims to create a space that will showcase educational lessons, experiential learning opportunities, and offer professional trainings. Our goal is to: 1) increase the understanding of trauma and experiences caused by violence, abuse and adversity, 2) provide learning opportunities and activities that will foster positive healing, wellness and resiliency, and 3) improve and expand trauma informed conflict resolution, violence prevention and intervention skills.

We hope that we can count on your continued support in helping Center for Victims bring innovative programs and services to our communities and build a one-of-a-kind center that will support our efforts to provide the best quality of services to children and adults who are victims of sexual assault, rape, domestic violence, homicide and other crimes.

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