If you are in need of services, contact our 24 Hour Hotline: 1-866-644-2882

if you are experiencing a Crisis, Please call our 24-hour Crisis hotline : 1-866-644-2882

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24-Hour Crisis Hotline – 1-866-644-2882

Caring, professional staff is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to respond to emergency needs of crime victims and witnesses, answer questions, and provide support. The hotline serves as the gateway to all of our services. Anyone can call the hotline seeking help for themselves or others, including victims and witnesses and their families or friends, law enforcement, hospitals, social workers or mental health professionals. Staff helps the caller to identify their needs and resources including those provided by Center for Victims and other community organizations.

“I have not seen trauma explored so accessibly and
visually in all my work across the globe” -Dr. Barry Kerzin

The Healing

Rivers Project

The Healing Rivers Project is an innovative educational initiative that provides a creative, safe and trauma informed learning environment. This space provides for many different types of learning experiences including professional trainings and education programs, therapeutic support services, experiential workshops and a one of a kind interactive trauma informed exhibit.

Together these components work to improve the understanding of the impacts of direct and vicarious trauma from violence, abuse, chronic adversity, toxic stress and social inequities on children, adults, families and communities. The Healing Rivers Project has an extra emphasis on corresponding research informed healing and wellness strategies that foster growth, resiliency and wellbeing.

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Canine-Assisted Advocates

The role of the Canine Advocate and handler through the court process is to decrease stress and anxiety in the child victim or witness as a means of minimizing the negative impact of testifying on the child.

Research shows that when children are physically connected and in the presence of dogs, a shift in brain chemistry occurs. Specifically, oxytocin, a neurotransmitter and hormone that is known to lower stress, increase ease of connection with others and promote a greater sense of safety and wellbeing, has been shown to significantly increase when a child is in the company of a dog and continue at that increased level for some time following the interaction.

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