If you are in need of services, contact our 24 Hour Hotline: 1-866-644-2882

if you are experiencing a Crisis, Please call our 24-hour Crisis hotline : 1-866-644-2882


For more than 44 years, CV has provided effective and quality services to hundreds of thousands of victims of all crimes including: domestic violence, rape and sexual assault, child sexual assault and physical abuse, elder abuse, homicide, burglary and incidents of mass violence. In fiscal year 2018-2019, CV provided direct services to over 17,000 clients and prevention education and training programs to over 35,000 individuals. In addition, CV reaches 100,000 individuals through outreach and awareness activities across Allegheny County every year. CV’s staff provides critical crime victim support and training and education that meet the diverse needs of all people regardless of age, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, physical disability or socioeconomic status.

CV is a one-stop-shop with one message, one number to call, and one door for people to walk through to get the best combination of services to meet their needs. CV’s trauma informed care is evident in all aspects of service delivery, incorporating an understanding of the prevalence and impacts of trauma and the multifaceted and individualized paths to healing. CV ensures that any and all victims in need of services can easily and readily access quality, seamless, and comprehensive services that allows for reduced confusion for victims in their time of trauma; increases CV’s effectiveness, influence, and presence; avoids duplication of services; ensures sustainability for the organization; and creates a consistent and improved quality of service for clients.

In addition to the organization’s primary offices, CV maintains satellite offices at each of the following locations: City of Pittsburgh Police and Allegheny County Police Investigative Units, Allegheny County Criminal and Juvenile Courts and Juvenile Probation and sustains a weekly presence in several local Magisterial District Judges’ offices. CV also has co-located a child advocate within the Child Advocacy Center of UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh to intervene with child victims of sexual and physical abuse and their families. These remote placements enable the organization to react as quickly as possible when a victim or community needs immediate assistance. Services are delivered in courthouses, hospitals, homes, schools, residential programs, businesses, community centers, senior centers and many other locations in the Allegheny County community.

CV provides immediate access to its experienced and trained professionals through its 24-Hour Hotline 1-866-644-2882 (toll-free). Caring, professional staff is available to respond to emergency needs of crime victims and witnesses, answer questions, and provide crisis counseling and support. The hotline, which serves as a gateway to all services, can be utilized by anyone, including victims, witnesses, and their families or friends, law enforcement, hospitals, social workers, or mental health professionals. Staff helps callers to identify their needs and connects them to resources. In addition, professional staff provides in-person crisis response to hospitals, police departments, and communities in all of Allegheny County.

Awards and Accomplishments:

Pittsburgh Business Times 2020 CFO of the Year Award
JCJC Victim Advocate of the Year Award- Presented to CV Staff Member-2020
JCJC Victim Advocate of the Year Award- Presented to CV Staff Member-2016
Outstanding Television Public Service Announcement 2015 – MEN Challenge PSA
36th Annual Telly Awards 2015 – Silver Award – MEN Challenge PSA
Dignity & Respect Champion 2013 – Laurie MacDonald, President and CEO
Greater Pittsburgh Athena Award Finalist 2010 – Laurie MacDonald
NAACP of McKeesport, Community Organizer Award – Laurie MacDonald
Recognized by State of PA with four Governor’s Victim Services Pathfinder Awards; Outstanding Agency
Professional Capacity Building Efforts, Leadership, and Survivor Activism (CVVC)
South Pittsburgh Coalition for Peace – Youth Violence Prevention Award 2010
Good Government Award 2008
Alfred J. Wishart Award Finalist 2008