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24-Hour Crisis Hotline : 1-866-644-2882


24-Hour Crisis Hotline : 1-866-644-2882

In The Media

The Incline: ‘What changing statutes of limitations could mean for child sex abuse survivors ‘

September 11, 2018: Center for Victims’ Clinical Director Cindy Snyder discusses the ongoing fallout surrounding the release of the Grand Jury Report on the Catholic Diocese and efforts to change PA’s statute of limitations. Read More


Pittsburgh Today Live: Hard Rock Café Concert To Benefit Center For Victims

August 13, 2018: Miss Freddye Stover, Billy “The Kid” Evanochko and Frank Vieira stop by to talk about an upcoming concert at the Hard Rock Café, which will benefit the Center for Victims. Learn more

WTAE: ‘Page targeting witnesses in violent crimes disabled by Facebook’

August 10, 2018: “I was actually appalled that people were using social media to intimidate,” said Valerie Dixon, of Pittsburgh’s Center for Victims. “They’ve seen something horrendous something that they’ve never imagined to see in their life and they might not even know how to process it.” Read More

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: ‘No snitching: Facebook page ‘outed’ identities of cooperating witnesses in Pittsburgh’

August 10, 2018: “It’s incredibly dangerous for [witnesses] to have someone doing this to them,” said Tracey Provident, Vice President at the Center for Victims. “It takes a lot of courage to come forward and talk to law enforcement and be involved in an investigation … People’s lives have been forever changed by a gunshot injury, and then you add to that this fear to come forward, and with good reason.” Read More


Why Our Dogs Are Different:

April 13, 2018: Center for Victims Therapist Megan Cook joins Gryffin and his Canine Assisted Advocate Tammi Potts on KDKA-TV | CBS Pittsburgh‘s Showcase Pittsburgh earlier this morning to answer common questions about Gryffin’s normal day at work: what he does, how he helps children process trauma, how his work integrates with ongoing therapy, and what sets him apart from other courthouse or therapy dogs.

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