24-Hour Crisis Hotline : 1-866-644-2882


24-Hour Crisis Hotline : 1-866-644-2882

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Conflict Resolution Training

Conflict presents opportunity. The conflicts you face in everyday life are opportunities to have constructive conversations, to resolve issues peacefully, and to enhance your interactions with others to have more meaningful and less stressful relationships. During this 15 hour course, participants improve how they perceive and approach conflict. Experienced instructors assist participants in developing cognitive, emotional, and behavioral skills that foster productive outcomes of conflict while reducing negative impacts on personal or professional relationships. Completion of the 15 hours results in a certificate of completion and serves as a prerequisite for participation in the 24-hour Mediation class. Full attendance is required for certificate.

Mediation Training

This 24-hour experiential course builds on basic conflict resolution skills to assist participants in becoming proficient in a party-centered, transformative mediation model. If you are seeking techniques and tools to enhance effective communication with and between people, especially your ability to act as a third party for others (such as employees or family members in conflict situations) you will find this course invaluable. Participants learn skills that promote constructive conversation and ways to help people in conflict work out their own solutions. Conflict Resolution is a mandatory prerequisite to this course.


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